The Little in Japan book is out now.
The book collects all the stories so far (most of which are no longer on the site), with a few new pages thrown in. It’s on sale as a 100-page paperback, or as a Kindle e-book.


“Big in Japan” – Despite the cliche, not every westerner who arrives in Japan is greeted with immediate and massive success. For every overnight star who hits the big time in Tokyo, there are countless ordinary slobs floundering in the suburbs, teaching English. This comic is about one such person. Dave Barker is a bumbling ex-pat who loves Japan, and in order to stay must reluctantly teach people how to communicate in English, despite having inept conversational skills himself. Follow Dave as he tries to get by but fails at every turn, inadvertently offends Japanese sensibilities, and just generally makes a fool of himself.

Little in Japan is available on all the Amazon sites internationally:

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Also, if you’re in Japan, you can get a signed copy from me by Paypalling ¥1300 (and your mailing address) to